Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Clay Cafe

Tomorrow is the big Falling for Autumn earring giveaway! You'll have to check back in the morning for the details to be entered to win some delicious earrings!

I realized that we haven't updated the blog in some time and there have been quite a few changes. If you don't have us "liked" on Facebook then here's the news:

We are slowly moving everything over from Sinner's Sweets into our new shop The Clay Cafe. After long deliberation I decided on The Clay Cafe for the jewelry and we are going to hold off on Sinner's Sweets and keep it for our future bakery.

The link to check out the new shop is now we still have items at and those listings will stay until sold or until they expire at which point they will be relisted into the new shop.

The facebook page is and we'd love to have you as a fan! The facebook page is updated constantly and giveaways are announced there immediately.

Speaking of giveaways...remember to come check back with us in the morning to get the scoop on the Falling for Autumn Earrings giveaway and there will be a second choice for those of you with unpierced ears =)

Christmas is right around the corner at this point and all of our items make great gifts! We get a lot of great feedback from tweens and teens!

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