Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day is Here!

April 23,'s Earth Day!!

Plant a tree! Recycle a can! Pick up the garbage you see laying around in your neighborhood! Plan a trip to your Farmer's Market! Or...browse Etsy and cart some amazing and awesome Up cycled items!

I'm still pretty new to Etsy (shh don't tell anyone! ;) ) so when I first saw the term up cycled I was a little confused as to what it meant. Up cycled is really just a catchy way of saying recycled and re purposed. Up cycled is like the designer side of's a fun word.
The seller I want to feature today on Earth Day is an up cycling kind of gal who has lots of neat-o stuff that appeals to the geek in me and I want to share that with you. Her Etsy name is KatieAnnCreations...that's also her shop name as well =).
All of her products have been sterilized and have no sharp edges. Be sure to read through her shop announcement if you want to know more!
Her accepted forms of payment are Paypal, and personal checks. All payments must be cleared before she will ship your item! More on her policies can be found under the shop policies link in her shop.
To access her shop you can click on any of the pictures in this post and it should take you to her shop front.
If for some reason the linking is not working today (which would be my luck haha) then here is the link for your browsing pleasure!

I for one loooove me some carbonated beverages conveniently packaged in a colorful aluminum can bearing the name of my favorites. I probably enjoy them too often but hey a girl can love her soda can't she? With all the bubbly goodness love there's no surprise as to why this shop caught my eye! The pop top bracelets are fantastic and for all you Twilight fans she has some that look just like your beloved Bella wore in the flick.

She combined two of my favorites in the Pepsi cupcakes you see at the beginning of this post. Are those not insanely awesome! Check out these Monster Energy Star shaped Earrings!!! I'm sure you know at least one person who loves Monster Energy Drinks.

Those are some pretty neat Ear Flare! Not only does she have jewelry she has hair accessories as well. That pop top and bottle cap hair clip is pretty neat too! I can honestly say I've never seen something like that!! KatieAnnCreations items are a fun and unique way to show off you're favorite beverages and at the same time show you care about recycling. Be sure to check out her shop!!

It's Earth Day!! Stop reading this! Go plant some flowers!! =) Get out there!


  1. LOVING the cupcakes!!! I wonder if they're safe for scrapbooking (acid/lignin free)? Going to check her shop out now! Thx for the link!

  2. no prob Jenn! convo her and ask! She's really convo friendly =)