Friday, April 9, 2010

Nap Fail

I was sooo looking forward to an afternoon cat nap after I got the girls in bed! No such luck. The toddler (as he will be one next sad!) did not feel the need to take a nap. I slept for maybe 15 minutes when he decided he was ready to go to sleep and of course after those 15 minutes the girls were awake.

The joys of motherhood! Hahaha I should've known there would be no naps in my future this morning.

Not only was nap a fail..but blogging once a I'm such a procastinator! I will sit here knowing I really should type up a blog while I have the time and the kids out of my hair but of course I always find something else that needs to be done at that moment. I will still strive to do a blog a day but its apparent that won't always happen like I want it to.

Now onto some business stuff. =) Last night while the kids were in bed and the husband was studying I finished up some new pieces!

Keep an eye out for pictures but I'll tell you what I made (it was overcast earlier so pictures were a no go but its clearing up). Sinner's Sweets will soon have BLT studs, PB&J studs, a 3 tier wedding cake paper weight (which can be turned into a ring on request!), a hot dog necklace, and a hot dog charm bracelet!

Everything turned out great! I'm so excited to get the pictures done and these babies listed.

On another note. Some of you may not realize but Mother's Day is just around the corner!! Literally one month from today!! Starting the first week in May Sinner's Sweets will be offering 10% off all purchases for those who put 4MOM in the notes to seller! Be sure to snag something truly yum for your mum! Sinner's Sweets has delicious cupcakes and candies for Momma and Momma's to be to snack on or for those waist conscious Mommas we've got plenty of food jewelry to sport your favorite snacks.

Remember all Have a Rockin' Weekend! Keep your chin up even when it feels impossible to do!

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