Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Justified..that is the blog title solely because that is what my husband will be watching here in about 5 minutes..it's his new thing.

It's not really my cup of tea as I'm more of an Always Sunny kinda gal..in fact I'm sporting the Paddy's Irish Pub shirt today! Yes...I am a HUGE fan...in nerdy fashion for sure!

Hmm what to write about? I have this delciously tempting brownie sitting next to me and a tall glass of ice water..nope not milk..lactose intolerant. (yes very lame I assure you if only I could bury my face in some delicious yogurt without...lets not go there)

I really should be devouring that beautiful little thing! I'm a little put off by the icing..I've never been a huge fan of icing on a brownie..why ruin the delicious chocolatey-ness of it with a layer of fat and sugar? Don't get me wrong I loooove making icing just not eating it..too sweet for me.

So I have decided on at least one seller for the Earth Day features, starting April 18th I'm going to do a feature a day until Earth Day to get everyone in the mood to do some recycling or whatever else you want to do to celebrate!

We're going to plant our patio garden and we've started recycling now that we have the bins to do it!

Hmm I guess the title of this blog really should say "Random Thoughts of Nothing Really" =P and with that I'm off to consume temptation! Goodnight folks!

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