Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Creating Block

I feel like my creating skills are in a lull right now. I have zero motivation to start new projects! Maybe I'm just missing my coffee, sure..that's it! I need my coffee back.

Today just seems like it's going to be a fail day. It's yucky outside, I tried to spice up some instant oatmeal and instead made it waaay too sweet (Added too much honey) and I have lots of studying to do as well as a mountain of laundry to fold. All of this with the hops that 3 little ones will cooperate with my efforts to get these things done!

Anyone want to do my tasks for me today? Oh, and find a way to ensure I pass this exam tomorrow? haha Can't wait for school to be done with so I can get a break from it for the summer. Trying to figure out what the Father's Day give away is going to be....

My little man turns ONE next week!!! So on top of all of the other things I'm planning his Pirate extravaganza (his sister's picked out his cake pan..it's a pirate ship). Ahh the life of a Stay at Home Momma =)

Well I'm off to find my caffeine fix and try and get this day off on the right foot!

1 comment:

  1. I hear ya with the creating block...sigh...
    Ohh! pirates!!!! arg!! sounds exciting!!!!! I should have one too with my dogs. Although, I don't know how long my dogs will allow the pirate eye patches...