Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tagging Virtual Lab

For those of you that were around the world of Etsy today you know that today was the Tagging Lab! I decided to post about that today because the virtual lab was packed full! I have never seen that many people in the labs ever!!

So in all my nerdy excitement I took a screen capture =) How crazy packed is that lab!!! I didn't get to stay for the full lab but I did get some good tips while I was there. I definitely urge you to go to all the labs you can!

I was in the lab for about 30 minutes of everything that was being said, by the time I left daniellexo was taking questions from the people there.

Here are the notes that I took for myself:

  • Add more of your own tags, meaning don't use only subcategories that Etsy has available but be creative and come up with some of your own
  • think like your buyer, add tags that you would search for if you were trying to find your item
  • use your main material as a tag, this could be very helpful to the buyer as well, for me I would list polymer clay because that is the main material
  • look for keywords in your description. I know for myself I always get stuck coming up with tags, daniellexo had a good tip, look through your description chances are you have good keywords in there
  • think like the buyer!
  • don't forget color! Color is a good tag as well
  • for photographers use size as a tag
  • always think like the buyer! (have I said that already?) hehe

I don't know if they're going to do another tagging workshop but I think it would be a fantastic idea. Again if you haven't been in the virtual labs they are extremely helpful!

"How do you get to the Virtual Labs?"

Okay, to get to the Virtual Labs log in to your Etsy account and then click on the Community tab (it's where the Buy and Sell tabs are) Then once you've done that click on the Virtual Labs tab and on the right hand side is a schedule of all the labs going on soon.

When I first started Etsy The Newbie lab was a great help and the Shop Critique labs are always a great help too. Another great feature in Etsy are the teams, I'm proud to say that I am a member of the Homefront Team which is an amazing team for military members, and family members you should check it out! I've had nothing but great experiences being a member of this team.

That's all for now Folks!!


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  1. I totally agree and I try to think like my buyers. Thanks for giving us the run down :))