Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Okay so I said I'd post this new delicious dinner idea...if it worked. It failed. LOL oh well. I was trying to do a potato encrusted tilapia with bacon wrapped asparagus and rice but the mandolin I have is cheapo. Cheapo mandolin=not thin enough slices. Layered my potato "scales" and went to fold them over the fish..it wasn't happening. Dinner wasn't what I wanted it to be but it still came it delicious!

But because it was a failure I took zero pictures =( BOO!

On a happy note I made breakfast for dinner tonight which means I had a huge cinnamon roll for dessert...MmMm! Oh and my Mother's day present from my Mother got here today, a gift tower from Harry&Davids.

Trying to figure out what kind of giveaway or contest I will be having for Father's Day. I shall keep all you lovely readers posted!!


  1. Sorry dinner was a bust! I hate when that happens,especially when you spend so much time on it!


  2. It's all gravy I just got a different spin on it now LOL =)